Easy and Quick Deployments with Now

Deployment is a pain in the butt for small testing projects to setup a cloud VM in AWS or DigitalOcean. But recently I found this awesome deployment service from zeit, the creator of next js framework for which I will write a post later. It is called now. It is really a single command login. They also provide unlimited deployment, yeah really unlimited deployment. They also provide free global DNS. But code go open source in free plan though and you have 1 GB of bandwidth every month. But it is the most awesome free plan that I can find in the entire deployment services. It supports node js, static site and docker deployment.Lets see how it works. GIF taken from ZEIT site.


Saw its magic. Only one now command. It gives you a unique url every single time. Great thing is that your previous deployments does not omit. ZEIT call it immutable deployment.

Head here to know more and check it out.

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